Company history

The company was founded in September 2000 by Bamdad Bahar after working 18 years as a senior executive of several high technology companies to focus full time on real estate investments.
The initial concept was to simply provide basic services for residential rental tenants; services that were not available at the time in Georgetown, Delaware. Over time, Service General pioneered the retail integration of several different services 'under one roof' to create a business model for a 'neighborhood service center'.
In 2002, the company opened a second service center in Laurel,Delaware and then in 2003 opened 2 service centers in Seaford, Delaware and Millsboro, Delaware. By 2005 the company had grown to 8 Branches in 3 states including locations in the District of Columbia and Baltimore City.
With a young family and mounting operational responsibilities, Bamdad Bahar decided to convert the enterprise from a wholly owned retail operation to a franchise system. In September 2005 2 key managers purchased their own 'franchise' locations (Georgetown, and Millsboro).
Liberated from day-to-day operations, this transition enabled the company to then focus on further development of its intellectual property and real property portfolio for future franchise locations.
In 2006 Service General introduced a new debit card product, new soap vending machines, mailbox rentals, and juke boxes to name just a few new revenue generators. In 2007 the company introduced new service products under the names ServiceXpress (Staffing), ServiceCredit (Credit Counseling) and ServiceTelecom (Phone Cards).
ServiceGeneral is currently the largest provider of retail financial systems, the largest provider of Laundromats and and the largest provider of Staffing solutions in Southern Delaware. "Group" revenues exceed $10 Million dollars a year. Year to year revenue growth and franchise unit growth exceeds 50%.
ServiceGeneral has not only been an innovator in designing, combining and delivering retail services, but has always been committed to serving the local communities where our service centers are located. Our owner-operators have unparralleled intimacy with their clients and neighborhoods ...intimacy that no major retailer can duplicate or buy. This intimacy has been the core of our success and growth. Finding ways to serve our communities is not only our core competency but our passion…and continues to fuel our business growth!

Company direction

OUR MISSION (why we exist) • To be the MOST ENABLING provider of routine prepaid services for our communities.

OUR PASSION (what makes us special) • We believe that regardless of your circumstances, you deserve a clean, bright, comfortable, safe, modern, and friendly place to receive services!

OUR VISION (what we want to be) • To be the MOST VALUED service brand in every neighborhood.

OUR STRATEGY (our sustained advantage) • To maintain a position as the MOST INTIMATE prepaid service provider.

OUR VALUES (what’s important to us) *Client Loyalty *Service Excellence *Continuous Improvements *Take Ownership in what we do*