Financial services


Service General is committed to offering the financial services our local communities need. Through our broad range of financial services you can confidently send money, pay bills, purchase money orders, or purchase a wide assortment of prepaid products in one of our convenient neighborhood service centers.

→    Check Cashing
→    Money Orders
→    Money Transfers
→    Prepaid Debit Cards
→    Cellular Phones
→    Cell Phone Recharge
→    Home Phone Service


Money Orders & Money Transfers


Money orders are checks purchased by consumers that provide a safe and secure method for delivering money; guaranteeing funds to the payee.
There are many benefits to using a Service General money order:

•    Purchasing with cash maintains confidentiality of your account and      guarantees payment to the payee.
•    Use as legal for or alternative payment method when a personal check is      not acceptable.
•    You receive a receipt to maintain for record keeping — allowing you to      claim your funds in case the money order gets lost or stolen.
•    You can purchase a Service General money order at any of our multiple      agent locations.

Service General Money Transfers are an affordable, convenient and safe alternative to send and receive money all around the world. ​